We Have Developed a Passion For Building

A lot of property developers are that and no more. At Spec we have construction in our blood having built over 40 major projects from the ground up, from medium density apartment buildings to multi-tower one, two and three bedroom residential developments reaching more than 20 story's high.

Whatever the project, it always starts the same way; we assess the site, and develop a construction methodology plan.

That plan specifies the materials and how to handle them, the construction techniques and how to apply them, and how we combine these elements

to turn our design department’s vision into a bricks-and-mortar reality.

Add to that, the resources of a large company with an acknowledged track record, and it means we are able to dramatically reduce both the costs and the risks of each project - while ensuring every detail meets our own standard for quality - from the first concrete pour to the last coat of paint.

You can see it in every apartment we finish. It’s not just a passion for building - it’s a passion for building better.